In the field of data analytics, artificial intelligence and other digitally-driven segments, South Africa is displaying significant growth

Current adoption

In the area of digital adoption, there has been great emphasis on data analytics and its impact on the global contact center industry in South Africa. There are many instances of call centres both building and using analytics tools and platforms for enhancing the end-customer experience. Global companies are also leveraging robotic and desktop automation in order to enable their workforce to focus on more complex and value-added work; as opposed to the common perception about automation, the latter is expected to create more jobs rather than render the workforce redundant.

Talent availability

More than 60,000 students graduate with IT, engineering and other related degrees in South Africa every year. This talent pool is trainable in specific skills as witnessed in the experiences of Amazon and Accenture which have paved the way for cloud infrastructure development, blockchain and artificial intelligence development

Collaboration with the ecosystem for fostering skill growth

There has been a concerted effort to build more complex IT skills on the part of the central and provincial governments through collaboration with universities and the private sector. This has resulted in development of new degrees in universities (such as the analytics degree in the University of Western Cape), training programs in geomatics, artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, cloud architecture, etc. (CapaCiTi tech skills and work readiness program), and development of dedicated start-up spaces (Tshimologong Digital Innovation precinct)

Future growth

Companies are looking to ramp up their scale in the field of analytics and social in South Africa –these skills will continue to be relevant, given the emphasis on customer experience management and building quality of performance in South Africa. Additionally, companies are aligning with universities and training institutes for sourcing their talent requirements at a fraction of the recruitment cost –this will result in more degrees being offered to students and building up of the talent pipeline for digital in South Africa.

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